1) The small workshop

The Setup Desk:

The electronics desk:

Books everywhere, and a custom tube amplifier to test the guitars.

“Big Bertha”

This is my favorite tool; she’s a dragon file with the perfect curvature I need to shape the necks of my instruments.


“Does it come in red?” —Sure it does!


“The Lord of the Strings”, my old AVO-meter from the 1930’s. Now I use modern digital equipment, but he gets to stay up there, presiding on my desk.


The importance of towels

Like they say in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “the universe is a hard place; you always have to know where your towel is”. In my case, is right underneath the instruments I am working on. (Amperimeter for decoration only :)

2) The big workshop

This is where I work on the parts of the process that produce tons of sawdust; here is where I teach the seminars on guitar making.

My students, hard at work!

Last selfie before we start cleaning everything for the next day.