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The only book that tells you how to build a guitar with professional standards, and how to promote and sell them afterwards.

A big book (11 x 8.5 inches) with 300 pages and almost 400 pictures detailing the safe use of tools and machines, and the techniques that top luthiers put in practice in their workshops.

The contents are presented phase-by-phase, step-by-step: it starts with finding a suitable place to work and organizing it according to your expected production (either if you will build one guitar a year, or a hundred). Then it deals with the woodworking phase (wood selection, cutting, shaping, sanding, etc.), before clearly explaining your options regarding profesional finishes for your guitar. Electronics, assembly, setup… all is precisely explained.

And then you have to make money with your guitars, of course. The last ten chapters will tell you how to define your identity as luthier, how to develop your brand and set the price of your guitar or basses, and how to promote your instruments via advertising, fairs, reviews, endorsement deals, social networks, and more.

Indispensable for the amateur luthier who wants to take his game to the next level.

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