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The workshop portfolio item

These are some pictures of my laboratory, which throughout the decades took a “steampunk” flavour, with art-deco touches here and there.


The Setup Desk

My setup desk, where I make the final assembly of my guitars.


The Electronics Desk

The Electronics desk, where I work on the circuits, pickups and the sound tests.


The test amp

Books everywhere. And a custom tube amplifier to test the guitars together with my customers.


A bit of art

I made this mural, inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson (1899-1988), which I fell in love with at the MoMA. I can’t afford to buy an original, so I made my own with things I found lying around in my workshop, mostly old musical instruments.


Closing up

A detail of a guitar I am working on as I write this: a Miss Blues “Steampunk” model.


“What’s in a name?”

A guitar by any other name would not necessarily sound as sweet: Every guitar you make should carry your name. More on guitar logos in my book “Electric Guitar and Bass Design”.


Meet “Big Bertha”

This is my favorite tool. She’s a dragon file with the perfect curvature I need to shape the necks of my instruments.


“Does it come in red?”

I prepare the colors for my guitars using pure pigments, some of which are practically “extinct” in the market (like Quinacridone Gold, for example, of which you can only find imitations, not the real thing anymore :/ ).


The Lord of the Strings

My old AVO-meter, which dates back to the 1930’s. These days I use modern digital equipment to take measurements, but he gets to stay up there, presiding my desk.


The importance of towels

Like they say in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, the universe is a hard place: you always have to know where your towel is. In my case, right underneath the instruments I am working on. (Amperimeter only for decorati0n 🙂  )