b Double detalle 7-34How do I order a guitar from you?

Let me know what’s on your mind. Which model do you like? What kind of sound are you looking for? Just send me an email (info@lospennato.com). We will take it from there on.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, please contact Cliff or his team at DESTROY ALL GUITARS  (Tel: 919-552-3047).


How much does a Lospennato guitar cost?

It depends on the particularities of each instrument, of course, but the range of prices of my guitars falls between $8,000 and $10,000.


How long does it take you to build my guitar?

Unless you fall in love with an instrument that’s already available, the current waiting time is 4-5 months.


When and how do I pay?
You can pay via Bank transfer or PayPal (it’s safer for both of us). A 50% up-front payment is required to begin the construction of your new instrument. The rest will be paid upon completion, right before shipping.


Where are these instruments made? 
My workshop is located in Berlin, Germany. You can arrange a visit, just let me know in advance when are you coming by. There is always a cold Coke in the fridge and hot coffee in the pot. (Check out my About me page ).

I. of course, made all the instruments myself, one by one.

But… You are an active part of the design, too. You choose:

  • The painting method and design
  • Type, number, and position of the pickups
  • Type of electronics (active or passive)
  • Profile of the neck
  • Type of tuners you like
  • Shape of the headstock and body (yes, you read it correctly – you can design your own guitar, and I will build it according to your specifications).
  • Type and number of frets
  • Color of the hardware (chrome, gold, or black).
  • …and practically any other aspect of your new instrument.

Does that seems too much? Don´t worry, we will work the options out together to define the guitar of your dreams.


Interesting alternative:

If my guitars are out of your budget right now, maybe you can build your own, with my help. I organize guitar making seminars and workshops twice a year, here in Berlin. Check this page about my workshops.


Why should you buy a Lospennato guitar, when you can get a “Brand-X” for much less?

Here’s why:

cruzrojaLarge companies acquire wood in huge batches; no environmental policy or certification is informed. What’s important for them is to maximize production and profit. tickverderI use FSC-certified woods (which come from well managed and environmentally audited forests – check www.fsc.org). I handpick the woods for each instrument, taking into account the customer expectations.-.
cruzrojaThe comercial models haven’t introduced any significant innovations for 60 years. Each “new” model is the same old guitar painted differently, or promoted with a different pop-star’s endorsement. tickverderA custom made instrument is impossible to miss: Personalization and original designs make my guitars into unique pieces.
cruzrojaTraditional brands offer no differentiation value: everybody has got the same instrument. It can be a $700 cheapo or a $7.000 “custom shop” guitar: they both look and sound the same. Plus, the market is flooded with copies (which also look and sound the same!) tickverderSetting yourself apart is crucial easier if your image and your sound are out of the mainstream. I design my guitars with that scope in mind. The result is a guitar with high collecting value, that looks great and sounds awesome.-.
cruzrojaBecause of economies of scale and globalization, big brands outsource to cheaper producers (mostly third parties in China, Indonesia, etc). The price is lower, but the quality takes a hit. tickverderI make my instruments one by one, using the high-end parts made in Germany and USA (sometimes in the Netherlands or Japan), or made in my own workshop, which you are welcome to visit and have a Coke anytime.
cruzrojaWith big brands, you must pick a guitar from a shelf. No customization, unless you buy a “custom shop” instrument (which we all know is just like the others, but painted differently, or artificially aged by means of screwdriver scratches).-. tickverderWe will customize your new ax together. For me, all instruments are “custom shop” musical machines.
cruzrojaIn traditional brands, the prices are based on a huge chain of intermediation: corporation, producers, stackholders, employees, wholesellers, distributors, even the guy at the music shop.-. tickverderHandmade guitars are more expensive than a mass produced one, yes. But the money you invest goes to the finest components, woods and handwork. You don’t pay for the cost of massive marketing campaigns, CEO’s salaries, or endorsement from famous pop-stars. You pay for what you get: an exclusive, world-class, luthier-made guitar.-e



Do you have more questions?
Your inquiry is always welcome!  Send me an email today, or use this contact form.