Pablo’s Guitar

The name gives it away: This is an homage to Pablo Picasso, probably the most important artist of the 20th century. But this guitar also pays respect to another artistic movement—the Arte Povera (“poor art”) created by a group of Italian artists who attacked the corporate mentality by using unconventional materials and styles.

In lutherie, the big brands we all know represent that corporate mentality very well. They (figuratively) bulldoze not only their competitors but also (literally) bulldoze forests to continue making the same guitars they have been pushing for 70 years.

Pablo’s Guitar (a play of words with “Paula,” the nickname of the ubiquitous Les Paul) is the artist’s answer to that domination: A sculptural guitar made with salvaged wood, newspaper’s sheets, and cubist aesthetics.

Don’t go looking for something like this in a music shop—you won’t find anything remotely similar.

(Text: Gardenia Fair, from “Catalogue Raisonné – Leo Lospennato Guitars”)