As far as I know, I am the first luthier in in adopting the Woodstock Principles for a sustainable music related activity.

The Woodstock Principles are a set of ten voluntary principles designed to encourage music bands and musicians all over the world to commit to a more environmentally friendly music activity, originally focused on live concerts.

This is how “green lutherie” looks like:

  • The wood used in the bodies of my guitars is FSC certified (check; this guarantees that the woods come from well managed and environmentally audited forests. Consequently, no endangered species are used whatsoever—not even those which are at mild risk.
  • The production process is optimized towards a rational utilization of the wood, minimizing waste.
  • All other components used in these guitars comply with the RoHS directive, which restricts the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, and other dangerous substances in the making of electronic equipment.
  • Even if the production is handmade and very limited (I only make custom instruments), the energy used in the facilities must be provided by operators who use 100% renewable resources, without nuclear energy. Also, through a rational use of energy, I made sure that my consumption is lower than the average workshop, and even the average home in Germany.
  • The use of paper as communication support is minimized (we use mostly digital media); but, if used, is 100% recycled paper.
  • In accordance with the local practices in Germany, waste is disposed following the current recycling policies to the letter.
  • This website is hosted by a provider that guarantees CO2 neutrality in its operation.

My commitment to respect the environment extends to my courses, the productions of my books, and my personal life as well.