Photo and text: A. Figari
Retrato Leo 2014 lowres
 Leo Lospennato was born in Buenos Aires in ’68 -at the heart of an Italian family. He lives in Berlin with his wife Andrea and with Tango, their black miniature schnauzer. Son of a manager and an artist, Leo became a bit of both when he started designing instruments and setting up the company to bring them to the market.

Curious by nature and inspired by a Rennaissance spirit, he became a computer engineer, pursued a masters degree in marketing and management, worked many years for IBM and eBay on both sides of the Atlantic,  and published articles as a journalist – all while adding English, Italian and German languages to his native Spanish along the way. Truth be  told, the “Renaissance spirit” also shows up in the form of a shameless affair he maintains with Italian cuisine -a mix of heritage and hobby.

But in the whole of this history, what remains a leit motiv is his passion for the ancient art of creating musical instruments, an infatuation that began when he put together his first bass, when he was 16.

The sound of a string vibrating for the first time. The magic of creating something out of nothing. The never ending search for beauty, for meaning, for perfection. Being a luthier does not requires much more than that. Nor anything less.

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